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“As I see it, you are living with something that you keep hidden deep inside.
Something heavy. I felt it from the first time I met you. You have a strong gaze,
as if you have made up your mind about something.
To tell you the truth, I myself carry such things around inside.
Heavy things. That is how I can see it in you.” ― Haruki Murakami, 1Q84

amazing time in in greece and iceland so far

Currently drinking ouzo plus the blackberries I picked from a tree on my walk ^.^ about to go watch Germany beat Brazil in a little villa by the ocean. There is also currently a live music and dance troupe performing Macedonian and Greek dancing. Oh my god, I love Greek. 

"   We are more than the worst thing that’s ever happened to us. All of us need to stop apologizing for having been to hell and come back breathing.   "
Clementine von Radics
"   Is it true you have no fear?
Take off your shoes then,
let your eyes go bare,
swim in their darkness as in a river

do not disguise
yourself in armour.   "
Margaret Atwood, from “Cyclops”
"   My poor mother
begged for a sheep
but raised a wolf.   "
Michelle K., Four Rhythms 
"   We are asleep with compasses in our hands.   "
W. S. Merwin